5 content #fails (and how to avoid them)

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5 content #fails (and how to avoid them)

Over the course of my career, I have worked with hundreds of businesses—from small mom and pop shops, to nonprofits, and multi-national corporations. On the job, I have seen my share of faux pas when it comes to website content. Here are 5 common areas where companies miss the mark:

  • No call to action: What do you want the reader to do? Make a purchase? Donate? Register for an event? If the CTA is missing or weak, the website will lack dimension.
  • Too jargon-y: I can’t don’t care if you sell the most high-tech widget out there—if you can’t easily articulate the features and benefits, then you have some work ahead of you. If you’re worried the copy is too technical, try this exercise. Ask your school-age child (or younger friend of the family) to read it. If a third-grader can’t explain who you are and what you do after reading it, you’ve failed.
  • Too much copy: I subscribe to the philosophy that less is more. Similar to my point above, your message should be clear and concise. Save the details for the sales call.
  • Outdated information: If you’re going to list important details like address or phone number on your site, you best be sure you’re making updates as needed. The same goes for staff directories and photos. You don’t want to lose a potential customer because of lack of attention to detail on your part.
  • Typos: This can be an embarrassing mistake. Nothing’s worse than saying something like “open to the pubic” when you meant “public.” Oops! Remember, spellcheck won’t catch all errors. Have a colleague, friend, or family member review the content before it’s live. An extra set of eyes can save you some real humiliation. Trust me!

Feeling frustrated when it comes to your website content strategy? I’d love to help.

Lauren Caggiano

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